Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Little Kerosene Heater

I have been up for almost 3 hours already, because I was freaking freezing. Ya see, I have to sleep with as little clothes as possible, though sorry not naked, because Mrs. Duck for whatever reason seems to get even more warmer as she sleeps. I mean, like steaming, sweating hot. So if I snuggle next to her, I would lose weight from sweating myself. Unfortunately, it causes me to lose my heat source when she gets out of bed to take a shower. So, freezing I was!! Plus little Miss Kittie had a hairball issues, causing the comforter to have Kittie um spit all over the place.

So, I am up because we are at that weird weather stage here in the Delaware Valley where it is too warm still to be all garbed up in jeans and winter clothes, but it is too cold to be running around in shorts and a T-shirt. Plus, this condo is like an Ice House. Shocking, I know, since there is so much wrong with this place in the first place.