Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let our Phillies go!

And here is the followup. Mrs. Duck can tell you I have been quietly whining because I cant watch the Phillies on there drive for the wild card. "But, why Sparky? Your in the Philadelphia Area?" Well, thanks for asking. It appears Comcast got a perfect little carrot that makes sure Satellite TV will not get local coverage of the sports teams that are on there airwaves, holding CSN Philadelphia hostage. And guess what, its a law that only is in effect HERE! Check out Let our Phillies go! and sign the petition to Senator Specter to try and get the bill rescinded, so I can watch Ryan Howard, and Mrs. Duck can get her Flyers Fix.


Anonymous said...

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Jay said...

How very tragic.

starlight143 said...

That sucks nearly as much as these people posting ads on your comments page! It's so exciting to wake up and see that there's a new comment only to see it's crap...crap comments...I changed my blog a little, nothing big. Check it out (this is no crap comment^^)!!