Friday, September 22, 2006

Greys Double Standard

So, Mrs. Duck and I were discussing Greys Anatomy, or at least a moment during the show while taking a TiVo break to clean up from our High Class Mickey D's dinner. She was railing against McDreamy, saying that he was being really unfair and that Addison apologized. For whatever reason, my but she cheated 1st defense, was not getting through. However, what did get through was, but if the shoe was on the other foot, McDreamy would be a snake. All Mrs Duck could do is smirk!

So, in life as in TV, there are double standards. And when it comes down to it, us men are just wrong!


Anonymous said...

I love Grey's Anatomy! I was a little annoyed that the first episode was so sad!

I am with Mrs. Duck. I like Addison, too. Yes, she cheated, but there were extenuating circumstances as they stated in a previous episode. And McDreamy is soooo dreamy. He does not belong with Meredith. Mainly because her voice is annoying and if she loses anymore weight, she might disappear.


Anyway, I have just tagged you to do the book meme! Happy weekend!