Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Holiday Complaints

-22 degrees at noon??? um now that is much too cold, since I am not living in blasted Alaska!
-Christmas Cards that are pictures of your children. Now if you are blood, that maybe the only picture we get for the year so its nice, but I know FW and I both feel bad throwing pictures out of friends children, yet, we cant keep them forever can we?
-Fruitcake that feels like it could be used in a weight room
-Trying to figure out what to get for people when they do not even give one a list!

Cant you tell how festive I am feeling???


Annie said...

Ok, how's this for a complaint? At our branch holiday party, I got as my Secret Santa prezzie a deck of cards and book set of drinking games. And I was the only sober fool there! Ho-ho-ho!