Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bowl eligible week one

A new weekly list of the teams that as of right now are eligible for the 56 spots that are available for the big bucks that are the craziness of the holiday bowls. For now I am going to list all the teams that have hit the 6 win spot, though eventually I will pull the BCS teams, since they are guaranteed a spot. Someday I am hoping that there will be a time when there will be too many bowls and not enough teams.

Florida State 7-1
Boston College 6-2
Va Tech 8-0
Miami 6-1
Colorado 6-2
Texas 8-0
Texas Tech 7-1
West Va 7-1
Rutgers 6-2
Penn State 8-1
Wisconsin 8-1
Ohio St 6-2
Michigan 6-3
Utep 6-1
TCU 8-1
Toledo 6-2
Ucla 8-0
USC 8-0
Oregon 7-1
Cal 6-2
Georgia 7-1
Florida 6-2
Alabama 8-0
LSU 6-1
Auburn 6-2
Fresno St 6-1
Boise St 6-2

As you can see there are only 27 teams eligible at this moment, so alot of spots still open, though this week will open up more.