Friday, March 04, 2005

Sparky's Itunes Top 10

Still on a music kick, yes boring to some I know.

Ok this is the play count for my itunes, during the Month of February:

10. Found Out About You (live version)-Gin Blossoms 14 plays
9. Falls on Me-Fuel 14 plays
8. The Scientist (aol sessions version-Coldplay 15 plays
7. World on Fire-Sarah McLachlan 16 Plays
6. Bed of Roses (live version-Bon Jovi 16 plays
5. Man of the Hour-Pearl Jam 17 plays
4. Hope-Shaggy 18 plays
3. Thunderstruck-AC/DC 18 plays
2. Broken-Seether & Amy Lee 24 plays

1. Mr Brightside-The Killers 31 plays

a new list next month, I know you all cant wait.


Brooke said...

I love Mr Brightside! One of my current favorite songs. The Scientist too, come to think of it.

supine said...

Sparky Sparky Sparky. If you are going to do Bon Jovi, it HAS TO BE "You give love a bad name." All the way. ;)