Monday, March 14, 2005

Philadelphia crashing

seems to me that things on the crime wave level in Philadelphia are really getting away. It seems that there have been 75 murders in Philadelphia since the beginning of the year and 10 in the last week. Its getting scary enough that FuW is telling me to keep the doors locked during the day. Now granted, we are not exactly in the a high crime area, but I also think that the commissioners plan of telling people to keep there eyes and ears opened and report problems to the police is not the best plan either. You would think that hmm maybe they should put more police on the streets. But Mayor Street has done and excellent job of entirely destroying all of the good work that Ed Rendell as mayor. The mayor says budget cuts, though I am sure the budget would be a little bit better if they did not have to spend some money on defending the administration for wire taps and city corruption. I mean I could be wrong, but that does not sound like the best plan. But also I am kind of rambling a bit.