Thursday, March 17, 2005

Now thats a name

Watching the Creighton vs West Virginia game right now and almost fell off the couch after hearing the last name of the leading scorer for the Mountaineers. Ladies and Gentleman, please welcom Mr. PITTSNOGGLE. I mean it could have been worse, what if the T's were S's? And really, should I be one to talk really? I mean I am going to keep my last name to myself thank you very much, but suffice it to say it gets mispronounced and misspelled often. Hmm, and look what I did, name is spelled Pittsnogle. I had the darned thing right in front of me and still botched it.


Miss Margo said...

I LOVE to go to Creighton BB games just so I can hear the announcer say "Another 3 point shot by MATT FUNK" who is a little white boy...I love the Funk