Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Barry Bonds press conference

I watched a great deal of the Barry Bonds press conference the other day and overall, he is a great baseball player who is a pompous arse with no real regard for anyone but himself, at least when it comes to baseball, I don't know how he treats his family, so I am sure they are doing just fine. It was a circus like atomosphere for about an hour or so.

I will say one thing that I gleaned from the conference that i agreed with. Bonds said sports is the only job where a reporter comes in and asks you questions in your workplace. yes they get paid the big bucks and yes there lives are loads more interesting then mine would be. But I can also understand how that can get annoying. I used to get annoyed when questioned by my supervisor in regards to why I did not get more widgets. Imagine how annoyed I would be if the person asking the questions did even work with me and was just there to be critical.


Matthew said...

While I concur about the intrusion of the media into Bonds' job, et al., my sympathy meter sort of switches itself off after a point, given how much he and others in his career make.

But maybe that's not the right attitude to have?

supine said...

Sparky, I love the word "widget." I love that you used it. Although I agree with you; I would not want to be questioned about them by a supervisor either.

Re: sports figures, I can see your point but I also see Matthew's point. I would make a terrible juror.

Sparky Duck said...

Trust me, the sympathy meter for all athletes, at least on the professional level is very very low. But, I do have a tinge, because I think it would get annoying to deal with day after day