Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend revue

The weekend started out very nicely, had a dip that I will rant on in a later post and then a relaxing end, so how could that be bad?

My aunt and uncle came down to Philly for a visit and some EC classes for my uncle, who is a dentist. They stayed in the Sheraton Society Hill, which was nice, though not overally spectacular, so I don't know if I would totally reccomend it without the one night free deal the city has implemented to get people to stay. The 1st night we went to Sotto Varalli which had a pretty good selection of food. Being that it was restaurant week it was hard to find a place to go. The food was good FuW enjoyed her meal more there then the next night, though I would vote for Bliss which overall was just better in my book. Bliss has a very chi chi NY feel to it, and the beef I had was awesome. We both also loved the tempura shrimp appetizer and the liquid chocolate cake dessert, yum. Plus, the Bellevue was having a 100 year anniversary and Broad Street was all blocked off and the sidewalks were filled with orchestra music and people wearing tuxedos. One revelation was the fact that FuW has decided to make the wedding black-tie optional. It does fit, so I don't care, I'll be in a tux anyway.

During the day Saturday, we walked around Old City, including a visit to the Constitution Center, an excellent stop for Philadelphia visitors who love politics, Betsy Ross's house and the City Tavern Restaurant which struck me as some place one would find in the middle of Colonial Williamsburg, with the waiters all dressed up as colonists etc.

Sunday was deconstructing the tree and a West Wing marathon. Its amazing how much a sports fan can miss football this time of year.


Me said...

Im totally with you on Sheraton Society Hill. I remember staying there with my family when i was about 13 when my dad had a conference there. I was like "WHAT'S the fuss?"...Ironic that even as a 13 year old I could never totally be satisfied.