Monday, January 31, 2005

Ticketmaster Sux

Ok and here's the rant. 1st off, I understand how popular U2 is, so its not surprising that both of there shows sold out in 35 minutes. So yes, I am disappointed and a bit jaded, but I do think that Ticketmaster is still an unfair monopoly. Not only do they not seem to feel the need to have an automated system that says, "hey folks U2 is sold out", but they also don't feel the need to post this on there website. We waisted an hour dialing and dialing and dialing and clicking and clicking because no one told us that the shows were sold out. Dear Ticketmaster, I am there for U2 tickets, I am not going to have my interest sparked by the prospect of seeing Tony Bennett instead, so just tell me what the hell is going on! Extremely frustrating!


Miss Margo said...

I feel you brother! I was online and on the phone for HOURS on Saturday...Even as they added new shows in Philly and dice for me. I'll have to wait until fall

Anonymous said...

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