Tuesday, January 18, 2005

McNabb will get his chance

I am a bit backlogged on reading some of my magazines with the holidays and all, so I finally got to my January 3rd issue of Sports Illustrated last night. Look what I came across

Who would the pros pay to see play

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia eagles QB would pay to see

Michael Vick

"He's got so much ability; he can throw, run. I can run but I don't do it as fast as he does. Everybody starts talking about stats, passing yards, rushing yards and how he is an exciting player, but the think people forget about Mike is, he's a winner. Forget the numbers and just look at his career record (23-11-1). He doesn't get enough credit for the fact that he is a winner."

A bit of foreshadowing if you asked me. Guess which two Qb's are facing off for a trip to the Super Bowl this weekend? I am a quasi-Eagles fan, I still wouldn't pick them over the Giants, but you have to start to feel sorry for the fans of Philadelphia and the anguish that they have felt for the last 20 years or so that you can't help but root for them (that is along as you don't go to a game with them, they are still some of the rudest fans out there). But I am genuinly concerned for this weekends game. Vick is something you do not see very often in sports, and the Falcons are very fast on both sides of the ball. I can see more doom coming for the city of Brotherly Love!