Tuesday, January 18, 2005


So, Im laying down in bed with FuW, just lounging out, nodding off at about 12:30am or so on Sunday and then I hear this bang against the upstairs window right above my head. Now 1st off, FuW or the furball that sleeps on my bed dont even move. God forbid we are under attack or something, because it will be all up to me. Anyway, lucklily the window did not break and in the light of day, I find egg splattered all over the window! Now we have not been here in this development to have made any enemies or anything like that. Plus since we are an end unit, we are a cut thru for the hoodlums of the neighborhood to get to the back of the development. I have my theories on what happened. The maintenace people live in the development and I could see one of there children annoyed about coming home and taking it out on my upstairs window, because eventually the maintenance man will be stuck cleaning it up ( a beauty of renting) I am sure no one is surprised that I did not sleep well the rest of the night though are they?