Monday, January 03, 2005

Another Year

So the wedding was very nice. The ceremony was held in a church in University City section of Philadelphia. It was one of those old style churches, with the ornate decorations on the inside and the old wood. It made for a lovely setting. The church wedding was your typical church wedding, with all of the catholic ceremony bells and whistles.

The reception itself was held at the Marriot Courtyard, with a view of city hall. While the room may have been too small, and the DJ did a horrible job of mixing songs for the people, overall it was a good time, especially for New Years Eve. FuW and I enjoyed it, and picked up some hints for our own wedding to come, though we have been having a bitch of a time deciding on a place to hold the reception. And then there is the whole anullment thing, still a sticky wicket that I will go into at a later time.


Anonymous said...

Just do what we did, go to city hall and then have lunch! Hassle and stress free! (almost). Happy new year.