Friday, December 31, 2004

Thoughts of Navy, Favre, Liberty Bowl and New Years

Yes indeed folks, a rambling post if I ever saw one....

Watched most of the Navy vs New Mexico game yesterday. 1st off, who knew the weather was that bad in California, raining torrents all day, I thought it was supposed to be the land of sunshine. Anyway, I enjoyed Navy's win, I love option football, they were one of the 1st teams I ever saw in person as a kid and how can u go wrong rooting for a team who is able to drive 96 yards and eat up 12 minutes of clock. Reminded me of the old Madison Central days.

The best game of the week, and possibly the best game of the entire bowl season could be todays contest between Boise and Louisville. It is probably the only game I will TiVo. It will be interesting to see if the combined score between the 2 teams stays below 100, though I am sure the weather may affect that, though I have not actually seen what it will be like. But if you do have time at 3:30 EST, I would highly recomend at least giving it a peek.

Sports question, who is the better QB, Brett Favre or John Elway? discuss and respond.

We have a wedding tonight downtown, which is a nice change from the other things that we usually due on New Years Eve, and since it is for friends that we would usually see tonight, its like a bigger party. So congrats H & V, intials changed to protect the innocent.

Happy New years everyone, bourbon sours for my men, champagne for the ladies!!!