Monday, December 13, 2004

Scenes from Montgomery Mall

Yesterday, Sey and I went shopping at the Montgomery Mall in some part of PA that is at least near Montgomeryville ( I dont think its in it). Anyway, some scenes were enough to make you say Ho Ho Holy Crap! Not only did we get an excellent price on some gifts, but we also saw a fist fight in clearance, and a woman collapse in the Sweater section and possibly break her elbow. Now how is any of that in the Xmas spirit? Plus, the fist fight, between 2 women! I guess Clearance was a good area to avoid.


Annie said...

Sounds like the bank's grand openning. A little tyke accidentally stepped on some snooty woman's toe out in the "party tent" and she went ballistic on the kid. The mother yelled back at Miss High and Mighty to back off, he's just a toddler, and went to give her the finger and accidentally touched the snoot's cheek. Miss Snooty proceeded to reply, "Help! Help! This woman's hit me! I'm being accosted! I want a cop here RIGHT NOW! I'm filing charges!" Of course, when the cops did arrive, Miss Thang had dragged her beliegered husband off and was nowhere to be found. Only in Jersey, man. Only in Jersey.