Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Duke Davidson Joke

Duke plays Davidson in college basketball tonight. While it is one of the best opportunities for the country to see Stephen Curry, who is probably the best player in the United States right now.

But, it is also an opportunity for me to share a humorous story that my college roommate told me when he was talking to one of his friends, about the friends little brother who was being recruited by Davidson.

Roommate:So where is your brother going to go to school?


Roommate:Davidson, I have heard of it, but is it a good school?

Buddy: Oh yea man, they say, Davidson is the Duke of the south.

Google Davidson if you dont get it


Bond said...

"duke of the south" yeah by 140 miles!

Hyperion said...

That whole "Harvard of the....." form (used with others, like Duke) would make a good list. What things are often used to describe other things.

For example, I would consider you the Eugene Henderson of Philly.