Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ask Men 10 thru 6

Ask Men gave out the hot top 10, and I shall give me opinion of 10 thru 6, since I am a man and they did not ask me.

10. Kate Beckingsale

Looks so much better in Underworld leather.

9.Kirsten Bell

I have no idea who she is


She can sing and she is hot. Just listen to Umbrella

7.Alleseta Ambrosio

A coworker says she is a Victoria Secret model. The same coworker says She is jealous of her

6.Scarlett Johanson

There is Scarlett and then there is everyone else


Starrlight said...

Word. ScarJo is all kinds of hot. She is one of my girl crushes.

Kristin Bell was in Veronica Mars and was just in Forgetting Sara Marshall. She's cute and funny.

Rhianna looks all kinda tranny to me and I hate her music.

Bond said...



Anthony said...

I don't know - they all start to look alike to me after a while.

Where's Kaley Cuoco? Jaime Pressly. Nadine Velazquez. Jenna Fischer.

They didn't ask me either.

Anthony said...

Damn. I expected some rebuttals to the nominees.

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