Saturday, October 04, 2008

Why Letterman is my Johnny Carson

Not only is he witty and funny more times than not, David Letterman also has that soft side that makes you just like him as a person.


Bond said...

Have always liked Mr. Letterman.

Starrlight said...

I love Dave =)

Tug said...

Happy birthday weekend Sparky!

Anthony said...

I never thought Carson was funny. He was a good listener and an enabler - allowing the guests to make themselves funny at his expense, but as a story teller or joke teller, he wasn't very good. In fact, most times he got laughs over jokes that he screwed up.

Letterman was a mediocre stand up. I saw him at the old Bijou Cafe on Lombard Street. He has the same midwestern charm that Carson has, but is an acquired taste. A taste I'm happy to say I acquired a long time ago.

That was a nice tribute to his friend.

Desert Songbird said...

Dave has never lost touch with his inner Hoosier. I've always been pleased by that.

Jenny McB said...

Damn, this made me cry. Now I want to go out and buy lots of Paul Newman stuff.

I remember watching Dave back in 1983 when I worked the evening shift, he was edgier back then and boy they threw a lot of stuff off roofs. I have always enjoyed his show.
Thanks for sharing the clip.