Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Philadelphia is Silent

Or sort of silent, because I bet there was a huge uproar when Chase Utley hit his home run. Trust me, as a sort of outside observer, Philadelphia is on pins and needles because deep down, they think we should win this series. But, its Philly, which means there is alot of pain to come.


Anthony said...

No way dude. pain is in the past.

Bond said...

I am hoping for a 7-game...tight series...As an AL fan, I hope the Rays win, but all I really want is a great series.

Valtool said...

Glad to see Howard bust out of his slump. Glad to see the Phils overcome the adversity of bad play-calling by the umpires. Intrigued to see the weird defensive moves in the bottom of the 9th (at 2am) this morning.