Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain:What the Hell?

I was able to muddle through the John McCain acceptance speech last night and he lived up to about the level of expectations that I thought he would live up to. Kinda of fitful, vague, but at least professional and adequate. Just about where I thought he would be, especially since it is a well known fact Senator McCain is not a fan of teleprompters.

But, really, what I have to ask is how we think the McCain people feel as the Palin sideshow continues to take center stage. She got one of the biggest applause moments of the speech yesterday, just by the mention of her name. She has seemed to energize the base to get out and show up for speeches and rallies. Its all she, she, she.

Of course, she is running for Vice President and not President, she will not be the power center for the next 4 years, she will be an advisor to the President. She is not actually running for President.

Or is she?


amy said...

I did not watch it. I cant stand this stuff but will be watching both candidates soon. I did in fact hear that McCain was pretty boring

Anthony said...

I saw it.

Palin isn't running for president, but in a lot of people's minds McCain is old enough to warrant a vice president who may literally be a "heartbeat away" from the White House, hence the fuss.

When McCain started trotting out the "ordinary Americans" and naming names of people who are struggling I started to wane. It's an old trick that politicians use. The only thing missing was pulling a photo out of his jacket pocket.

I don't think, in a race as close as this is that either party would benefit from the circus atmosphere created by naming an oddball vice president. Obama took the smarter route and McCain chose to take a chance on being different.
I think McCain needed to choose a sharp, younger person (man or woman) who had more experience governing and less experience in beauty pageants and being mayor of a town that is smaller than crowds at Florida Marlin games.

Desert Songbird said...

The Palin choice is an insulting gimmick. The McCain campaign made a fatal error, though, if they think the Governor of the Great White North will lure in women voters. In fact, it will probably repel them. Disappointed Hillary voters were not merely women voters; they believed in their candidate. Gender was not the key decider.

Starrlight said...

I don't think he was aiming for women, I think he was aiming for evangelicals. And I can't stand that woman.

colleen said...

My take is here