Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back from Vacation, really

Though if you were paying attention, I sort of wandered in and out yesterday.

But, Mrs Duck and I are now back from a lovely time with friends at the Cape, and smartly, we took the rest of this week off. Going back to work midweek after a vacation is one of the stupidest ideas that I swear I will never ever do again. Of course, I have thoughts rattling around in my brain, so lets get em out.

1.I missed the best football game on the college football level because I could not find it. East Carolina blocking a punt and running it back for a touchdown to beat VaTech at its own game had to be exciting to see. For someone...

2.Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat, I wish he would just stop saying that he is. The party kicked his ass out in Connecticut, so stop misleading everyone already.

3.Sarah Palin made my balls shrink occasionally last night, almost as much as the Jersey Shore ocean water did the day before.

4.Hurricane Hanna is bearing down on the Southeast coast and is going to make a mess of a weekend for us folks along the I-95 corridor. For some reason, I do not really mind.


Desert Songbird said...

So, tell us, Sparky, how do you REALLY feel about Sarah Palin?