Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics After Dark-Some Swimming

I am not a fool, if I am going to go for some hot men and women to show off, I will have to make sure that they are swimmers and that they are medalists.

Stephanie Rice, gold medalist in the 400 IM, from Australia

Kajima, Gold Medalist in the backstroke


This Eclectic Life said...

How do I know those are really swimmers, Sparky? I don't keep up with the Olympics. They aren't in a pool or anything.

Sparky Duck said...

Google em, my friend, google em

Valtool said...

How is it that synchronized diving and ping pong (don't glorify it by calling it table tennis) are considered games or sports for the Summer Olympiad, but baseball is not?

Bond said...


oh and give me some of that rice please...hubba

Desert Songbird said...

Don't you mean Kitajima? I'm just saying, seein' as how his rivalry with Brendan Hansen was so played up in the media.

Sparky Duck said...

Val/Bond-Up until tonight, I was with you on synchronized diving, but dang that looks hard.

Songbird-Yes Kohima is like the Seattle catcher, but I am impressed you were the one that caught it.