Sunday, August 31, 2008

Duckettes getting hotter and hotter

I am just saying. And, please, Oregon is whipping a conference opponent, while LSU & Penn State beat up on 1-AA opponents. Let me know, Wordnerd, when you actually play someone.


Anonymous said...

Well, they WERE national champs in their division!

Hillbilly said...

Go Vols


Desert Songbird said...

It wouldn't be your blog without the requisite hottie picture.

Starrlight said...

WTF are they doing in that picture? It looks like they are sniffing the air or something. And I think the hotness of the cheerleaders is proportionate to the hotness of the team. Playwise.

Sparky Duck said...

Wordy:hey, who sounds better Joe Flacco or DeMarcus Russell.

Hilly:How does UCLA sound??

Songbird:you must have missed the politics posts while watching ASU beat a High School team.

Starr:it was ugly, but it was a win