Friday, May 30, 2008

Xbox 360 Gamefly Review-Fight Night 3

You know it is never good when you rent a game and then send it back the same day you rent it. Unfortunately, that happened in my experience with Fight Night 3.

I play video games so I can live through the little pixels on the screen. I can not shoot the ball like Lebron James, can't throw a pitch like Curt Schilling and I certainly can not punch like Roy Jones Jr. I am not coordinated nor am I exactly that athletic.

And guess what, as you play the EA Sports boxing feature, you need to have some coordination. Call it the Wii Effect. Now games actually want you to have some sort of skills when you press buttons, or you will be just throwing right uppercuts. Guess what my experience was in Fight Night 3 training mode, lots and lots of uppercuts. If I can not complete training, I certainly can not think about even starting an exhibition. Forget about a career mode. So, Fight Night 3 was just too frustrating, too much timing involved.

The graphics were brillant, beads of sweat and blood spew everywhere, but when I feel the need to slap Madden football in so I can throw like Favre, you know a game is not meant for some folks.