Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, It is West Virginia...

Now, I am not trying to be insulting, though I am sure this post is going to come out that way to some folks, but West Virginia is not a bell weather state when it comes to the national election in November.

A few thoughts on the Mountaineer state. Back when I was in high school, before I had even taken the SATs seriously, I got a good middling number. Now, I had not taken any sort of prep courses, nor had I even gotten a good nights sleep before test one. Yet, when I applied to all my colleges over the summer, the University of West Virginia was the first school to send me an acceptance letter. Before my senior year even started. Ask any kid in the northeast if you know of a good safety school that is not an instate school and they will say West Virginia.

And of course, there is the fact that Country Roads by John "freaking" Denver is one of the songs that the state is best known for. Good song, but still.

And finally, it seems that John Edwards is going to get 6 or 7 % of the vote, even though he has suspended his campaign since the time the air was cold here in Philly. What that tells me is 2 things. One, there must be some really dedicated Edwards supporters, or there is a small sect of folks that will vote democratic, but they will only vote for the Democratic white guy.

Though, lets remember, even though Hillary is winning now by about 40%, she is only going to get a net of 10 delegates tonight.


Yoshi said...

So it wasn't a big major win for her then?

That's so true about voting for the mail white democrat. So true.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

and yet i still watch, and watch, and watch... what is WRONG with me???

smiles, bee

Sparky Duck said...

Yoshi:oh it was a nice win, but I also think of it this way. Have you ever watched a football game and the trailing team has an awesome drive to start the 4th quarter and you look at the scoreboard and it is still 49-24? Thats the kind of win it was for Hillary.

Bee:I managed to take last night off, though next week, I may not be able to avoid Kentucky and Oregon.

The Gal Herself said...

There's a flaw in your premise here, Mr. Duck. Don't forget Hillary is Yale and Wellesley. She's the one who, in 1992, dismissed stay-at-home moms by saying, "I suppose I could stayed home and baked cookies." Her populism, her empathy for the average Joe or Jill, is pretty new. I think the 6% or 7% neither knows nor trusts Obama yet knows and distrusts Hillary, so it's a protest vote.

Also, I hope the Super Delegates aren't fooled. There's no real correlation between success in the primaries and success in the general. We have no real way of knowing if Hillary's voters would flock to McCain rather than Obama.

In short, don't let your tailfeathers droop. I remain extremely, fabulously hopeful that all will work out in November and we'll have a Dem in the White House and we'll all live happily ever after.

Starrlight said...

I think it was a protest vote as well. We have the write in option here in Oregon and I am half tempted to write in Edwards myself. Just to let them know not everyone out there is convinced either of these two are the answer to the problem.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I don't disagree with your assessment of the politics of the WV primary, Sparky. In fact, I just became a Michigander for Obama. :)
But, I went to WJU...Wheeling Jesuit University...and they were more discriminating. There were lots of very nice small liberal arts colleges /universities in WV. And it is a beautiful state.
WVU sucks.
:) LJS

Desert Songbird said...

I'm sorry - I was SOOOOO distracted by the fact that someone used scenes clearly from the Arizona and southwest deserts in a video set to music intended to sing the praises of West Virginia, I have lost all sense of reason. Blasphemy!

Jenny McB said...

West Virginia- there is hope for my slacker son.

At least the democratic primary is still something to watch. I think the choices in vice presidents will be the key to either side winning. I am not convinced that Obama has the experience to lead, however, Hillary has so many that hate her. It's not an easy choice.