Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vodka and taste tests, perfect for the Memorial Day picnics

Now this is something that I kind of agree with, since I can almost never tell the difference between Grey Goose or Stoli or Smirinoff, especially after the 3rd or 4th drink, but the Consumerist told a story about a Businessweek reporter who had a fun blind taste test of a bunch of vodkas. How does one get this job exactly?

Pass the Lairds would you!


Desert Songbird said...

I read that article, and years ago, I could definitely tell the difference in taste between Smirnoff and Stoli. I chose Stoli and have stuck with it ever since. Now, however, I may have to give at Ketel a try. The old Dutch try, ya know?

Anthony said...

I agree with desert songbird. I could always tell the cheap junk from Grey Goose or Ketel One, especially the next day.
The Mythbusters TV show tried it, and their tasters could tell the difference.

That's why I always order by name. "Grey Goose and tonic" or "Absolut and tonic" because if you say "Vodka and tonic" you'll get the bottom-shelf junk, and it isn't worth the dollar you save.

Dragon said...

How do I get in on that taste testing? Can I come over to your house? :)

Jenny McB said...

Can I get the tasting job at the Lindt factory?

You are so right about the 3rd or 4th drink. I am a cheap date, it's usually by the second drink that I can't tell.

Starrlight said...

Ugh, Monarch well Vodka. Yuckles. Ketel 1 and Grey Goose are delish.