Friday, May 16, 2008

Preakness 2008-Look for the Locals

Everyone and there grandmother will be wagering on Big Brown tomorrow at the Preakness down in Maryland. Its kind of a no brainer pick that will not win you much money. And, I even agree with it. But, there is one other thing that I also do when it comes to the big race at Pimlico, look for the local talent.

For Maryland Breeders, this has to be the Super Bowl of races for them, so this year I know I will be laying a few bucks down on Ichabad Crane, at least to place or show. He is trained out of the Fair Hill Training Center, which for me is about as local as you can get. Plus, apparently, he has a pretty good record in the races that he has run in his career. While I have not done all of my research yet, I will save that for after work tomorrow, I can say without a question that I think Ichabod can hit the board and score, especially with some nice odds. Might be worth some milk money.


Hyperion said...

I like Kentucky Bear because, how can you not like bears, and Ichabod Crane, for the slight possibility that the jockey could be headless. Admit it; that'd be the best race ever!

Seriously: I know nothing about the field; I'm just picking on names. Does that make me more or less shallow than people who pick their horses by how pretty they are?

Sparky Duck said...

Less, because really, how often do you know a really ugly horse?

Hyperion said...

Sparky, you missed an obvious joke! After writing "how often do you know a really ugly horse?" you should have put [insert Julia Roberts joke here]

As for my official picks, I will of course take Big Brown to Win, Macho Again to Place, and Icabad Crane to Show. Just a guess.

Anthony said...

So, what-d-ya think? Big Brown looks like as sure-fire a Triple Crown winner as we've had in a while.