Thursday, May 08, 2008

Loving Commisioner Ramsey-Calling All Pagans

Philadelphia has been rocked again by the killing of another police officer. This time it was Sgt Stephen Liczbinski, after a bank robbery in Port Richmond. The Seargeant never stood a chance, as the suspect hopped out of a van and started shooting with an SKS. Sadness has again enveloped the City.

Today, there was a press conference about the banning of assault rifles within the city of Philadelphia, even though the Chinese made SKS is not techinally an assault rifle. New Commissioner Ramsey made a few fans today, including this feathery duck, with his response.

Officials acknowledged the federal assault weapons ban would not have included the gun that killed Liczbinski, as it came to the U.S. in 1992.

But Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey bristled when told that some gun-rights organizations dispute whether the SKS rifle qualifies as an assault weapon.

The gun inflicts wounds so devastating that it should be considered one, Ramsey said angrily.

"Then add it to the frickin' list!"
he said to sustained applause from officials and other police officers at the news conference.

The funeral is tomorrow, and as a pagan, I am looking for a little something I can do at my place of work to show respect. So, if there is a candle I can light, something I can burn or a little chant I can do at Noon, please let me know, preferably before 8 AM since thats when I hustle off to work.


Anthony said...

Why does it seem so simple to me? Assault rifles (whatever their definition) are not necessary for use by citizens.

They'll (the NRA) tell you it's a "freedom" issue, or some other such nonsense. Freedom to do what? Are we free to assault each other? The purpose of the weapon is in its name, which should be a dead giveaway (pun intended).

That we have such narrow-mindedness in this country over the use of guns is beyond my scope of comprehension.

Bond said...

Makes no sense... what the F is it that people can not understand. Automatic rifles have one purpose TO KILL PEOPLE
not to hunt
not to target practice


Ban them all

Starrlight said...

Assault their very frickin name... have no business in the average joe's home. I am all for gun owner ship, hell I OWN a gun but the total lack of common sense surround automatic weapons AND the pathetic background checks to own even a hand gun are stupid.