Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Duck needs a Hand

Or maybe its a wing. But, no matter. Here is the story.

Our Anniversary is coming up, only 10 days away or so. And while, there is not much of a plan, I still needs some ideas. So of course, I look to my blogger friends for advice. I have a grand plan, I need the details.

Ya see, my plan is to get one thing from each place that we visited on our Honeymoon. So, thats one thing from San Diego, one or two things from Hawaii and one thing from Seattle. Now, I have an idea in mind for Seattle, but now I have a problem with the rest of them. Coconuts and smoked salmon are not going to cut it.

So, all my blogger friends, how could you help. And please, lets remember that I am on a semi limited budget and cutting it close for shipping.

And now, to get noticed, I will link a few folks because I figure they would just notice a link.


and of course anyone with a romantic bone in there body


kailani said...

Yup, noticed the link bank. What did you have in mind? Let me know and I'll help if I possibly can.

Great anniversary idea, BTW!

Hyperion said...

How does someone figure out they are linked? I feel so techno-illiterate.

I do have ideas, though, having been to Seattle numerous times, Hawaii once, and I used to live in Seattle. However, in case you want it to be a surprise I will write you an email and have a courier send it over.

Christie O. said...

oooh i have an idea! i'll send you an email!

Desert Songbird said...

Hmmmm....what to get from San Diego? I don't think ice cream from the shop at the Del will ship well. I leave on Tuesday; perhaps together you and I could come up with something. E-mail me, Ducky darling.

Bond said...

Presuming Ms. Duck loves flowers, how about an arrangement of tropical flowers that grow in hawaii?

San Diego...hummm can Songbird send you a bottle filled with sand and some seashells?

Hope that helped!

Jenny McB said...

California Wine and tropical flowers, or you could just keep with the alcohol idea....

Amy Ruttan said...

Hmmm, I have no idea. Have you tried ebay??

It's a sweet romantic idea though. Awwwww.

Starrlight said...

Ebay is what I was gonna say. Or I could bottle up some lovely oregon rain from a -natch- holiday weekend :P

Starrlight said...

It rained! And hailed. Trust me, you don't want Pac NW weather!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

On the big island, there is a winery that ferments honey wine. A bottle would be very nice.
However, they apparently do not ship to PA. Bummer.
But wait! There's Tedeschi's winery on Maui.
A nice cold sparkling white wine with some macademia nuts would be delicious.
And, because you love grows sweet each day, how about some Maui Onion seeds? (the sweetest, best onions in the world)
Thanks for the shout-out. :)