Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Madness

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a geek, at least when it comes to history, sports and politics. History is really the only thing that does not exactly fit into that last sentence, but it was what I was good at in school, helping one to be geeky. But politics and sports seem to go hand and hand. Its all about competition.
Tomorrow, its Primary Super Tuesday, where almost half the country will be voting on the Democratic side and one fifth of the country will be at it on the Republican side. To me, a Primary Super Tuesday is like the Conference Championships in NCAA Basketball. You know, those little tournaments that you can find on your smaller cable stations at like 11 at night. Its not the major conference games where you are fighting over whether the 7th or 8th team from the Big East gets to the Big Dance, its the small game, where only one team is going to get to go. So its more of a basketball game for the purist. And primaries are more of a political fare for the purists of each party. Which is of course why I love it.
So, here are my hopes, as it seems things are getting all topsy turvy on the Democratic side and not totally settled on the Republican side either.
Obama and Clinton end up at just about the same spot that they began at, a virtual tie, just with alot more delegates on each side of the ledger. An upset here or there would be nice, like an Obama win in NJ, or a Clinton win in Arizona, but as long as the two of them have to keep honing there message to prepare for the "big dance" that would make me plenty happy. Plus it will give me more time to decide for myself which of the 2 I like.
For the Elephants, I am hoping that Huckabee steals a state or two, meaning that the outcome still will not be decided once all the votes are counted tomorrow. I will admit McCain as the nominee scares me as a Democrat, because he could conceivably win. But, I am also about the torture and the torment, the soap opera so to speak, and Huckabee winning just enough to keep things for the Republicans a 3 person race would be plenty of torment to go around.
Oh and it would be cool if Ron Paul could finish second in a state or two, just because he makes the Republican debates so much more interesting.

Plus live blogging Super Tuesday will be much more exciting if it was unpredictable.


Anthony said...

With any amount of good fortune, I'll be out at 6am casting my NJ vote.
Some pundits are saying that Tuesday will seal it up for one candidate or the other, especially with California up for grabs.
I like those old days when the conventions actually decided something.

Starrlight said...

I am with you on the Superness. I hope tomorrow does not decide the Dems either cause I am still not sure where I am going with those two. And Ron Paul amuses me too!

the108 said...

I'm supporting Obama because I think Hillary is too much of a business woman politician. I would really like to see someone with wisdom, strength and integrity in the oval office and I think Obama is just that. That's just me, though.

Jay said...

First Americans play football, and then they vote.
No wonder Canadians throw their televisions out their windows this time of the year.