Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Bowl Prediction

C'Mon, NFL, sue me. Bring it on. Yes I said Super Bowl.

The score will be 34 to 21.

The winner....

I am sure all my Jersey Boys would kill me right now, but thats how I feel


Jenny McB said...

As someone who grew up with the years of the patriots just absolutely stinking up the joint, this is just unbelievable! Love the videos and it's crazy the hype that is going on. But boy, I remember the first game of the year and my husband just carrying on about Moss and Brady's chemistry. Let's hope for excitement and I don't think I can stand another nailbiter.

Anthony said...

If this one goes like the games the Pats played against the Ravens, Eagles and Giants; they'll toy with them for 3 quarters and make them believe that they're "in the game" until some point near the end when all Hell will break loose.

If the Giants can keep it to a 1-possession game, they have a shot. Otherwise, it's a rout.

Since I don't particularly care for either of them, I'll be watching my office pool, and rooting for either NE 35 NY 21 or NE22 NY 20 - or any combination thereof.

What's the point of this game if we can't wager on it?