Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Obama wins North Dakota

And I ask, who the hell knew there were Democrats in North Dakota.

I can not believe I am sitting here and wondering what the folks in Kansas and Missouri think.

Moonshine Mike speaking in the Midwest somewhere. If you need a nap, now is the time to grab it


And here comes Mitt, convenietly making sure he speaks before the polls close in Cali, which means its Montana for him and thats about it. Yet he says the campaign will continue


And now Hillary speaks, which is a tad ponderous to me. California is still not closed and AZ is still undecided


Starrlight said...

"It's a twister, it's a twister!"

That's what they think ;0

Starrlight said...

He's in Little Rock babbling about how this is his presidential race.

Sparky Duck said...

Now this is Huckabee, staple on the Bill Maher show, not exactly the 700 Club, right