Sunday, January 27, 2008

Palmetto Blues

It is not exactly a sad thing when I say blues, its more of the dominating color for the Democratic Party. Barack Obama won last night as expected in South Carolina, but really the other big story is the fact that Hillary Clinton not only lost the black vote in the state, but also lost the white vote by a percentage or 2 to John Edwards. If she is going to continue to be the strong front running candidate that her machine has in place, she will have to find a way to not have the historionics of her husband drive away voters.

Obama's speech last night was fantastic, he is able to saddle the electricity of a win and let it come out in his words to supporters when he wins. Of course, when looking at his policies, it will take time to dig deeper. Mrs Duck does not feel comfortable with his health plan in comparison to Hillary Clinton's plan. I actually have to do more research, since I maybe a tad jaded as a political watcher. It seems all candidates, even the ones I support, will just say what we do want them to say.

Super Duper Tuesday, as the media has decided to tab it, could be a major tipping point, or it could just send the Democrats into more of a mess. If Clinton and Obama take most of the big states, lets say splitting up California & New York, and Edwards steals a small state or two, or at least has a good enough showing to take enough delegates away to keep either one of the top 2 from getting a good stranglehold on the nomination, the race will spiral into more of a mess. Plus, the one true thing that does make me more nervous is the fact that there are about 10 days until the Super Tuesday. Plenty of time to have the candidates make some sort of slip up that will just make things worse when it comes to November.

The Republicans are slopping around Florida, where it will be McCain, Romney or even possibly Rudy, though that ship is sinking fast. Not that I see anyone sending Captain 9/11 a life raft anytime soon.


Starrlight said...

I think Rudy is screwed. Which is fine by me as I think he profited off of 9/11 in a near ghoulish way.

Obama is wonderful to listen to and inspiring as heck, but I am with Mrs. Duck. His healthcare program just seems so vague. I still like Edwards and I do think Hil could do the job and do it well, she just wouldn't be fuzzy and warm.

amy said...

We may have totally different political views, but I have been enjoying your posts..

I agree with the first commented all I really know about Guilliani is 9/11 and thats not a good reason to vote for someone.

I am frustrated with how how the morning news keeps focusing on Clinton and Obama bashing each other instead of focusing on their views..

Keep your posts coming..

Matt-Man said...

Not a big fan of Obama as far as being our President. No balls...Cheers Sparky!!

Anthony said...

Edwards, sadly, will be out by "Super Duper Wednesday". Rudy soon to follow.
They'll be down to 2 candidates from each party by the time they get to PA.

Valtool said...

I heard a good comment on the differences that might make a difference in Mitt vs. McCain. (I agree Rudy is done after Tuesday/today I heard in that regard about the same venue in FL where Rudy drew about 100 and McCain drew over a thousand and had people turned away) as for the Mitt thing, the host I heard pointed out that McCain is a straight-shooter and will tell you exactly how the situation is, not what you want to hear.
In the example given, they refered to Michigan, where Mitt said he would work to help the unemployment situation. McCain told the same people, "Look, these jobs are gone and they are not coming back, so you need to find sommething else to do." Of course I was immediately reminded of Springsteen, "Foreman says these jobs are going boys, and they ain't coming back, to your hometown..."

Anthony said...

I was wrong about Edwards ... unless you count today as "Super Duper Wednesday".

And then there were two.