Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hopes for Iowa

Well, at Chez Duck, we are slowly getting back to normal. Slowly because there will be no Thursday Thirteen today, since I totally forgot it was Thursday until about 2 minutes ago. But, if Sparky is not talking football, he is talking politics, so get ready.

In an obvious attempt to try and forget about the current administration as quickly as possible, both political parties have quickened up the primary process by starting the Primaries and Caucuses right about now. Our first stop is Iowa. Iowa has a caucus, where it not only counts when you pick who you are voting for, but it also matters who your second and third choices are. Iowa is not exactly a place where you can win a nomination, but it is surely where you can lose it.

My hopes on the Democratic side are that the polls are right. I think that it will be terrific if all 3 of the front runners stay right about where they are. Hillary and Obama have to go through some trials and tribulations before one of them is crowned the front runner and John Edwards (yes the Breck girl) has the best message for the country, at least in my eyes, that corporate greed is souring us. So I am hoping that all 3 of them get through tonight within 3 to 5 points of each other, keeping them all in the running going forward. This blog has not declared it self for anyone besides a Democrat yet, so we also hope that Biden at least has a decent showing. I do think he is a bit off his rocker sometimes, but I also think he has some of the McCain straight talk express in him and that is something all political races need.

On the Republican side, its really hard to tell who I would want, since I really don't want any of them. They have also made it a bit easier to handicap the race since, Giuliani and McCain have really not put there best foot forward in the midwest, making the race more about Huckabee or Romney. Again, I hope neither of them wins by a sufficient margin to knock the other one out, though its a selfish thought because Romney has the money and Huckabee is a good enough campaigner that the both of them will be able to bloody each other and the other front line candidates up enough that it will be harder for any of them to win in November. Hey, Im selfish, plus when it comes to politics, even in the party I am not voting for, the drama of who will win is most of the fun.

And hey, did anyone know that Alan Keyes was even running for President again??


Matt-Man said...

I knew he was running, but why even notice. Cheers!!

The Gal Herself said...

Edwards' message reminds me of Bobby Kennedy's. I'm swept away with the romance of finally finding how it would have all played out if RFK hadn't been assassinated. Chris Matthews is feeding into my little fantasy about the return of 1968, likening Obama to McCarthy and Hillary to Humphrey and Edwards to Bobby. Of course Edwards has neither the star power nor the money of the other two … And sometimes doesn't Biden seem like the only grown up on either side?

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

frankly i am over all of them. they stink. but hillary will pull ahead soon, when she gets out her bag of dirty tricks. it won't be long, hang on!

smiles, bee

Starrlight said...

I am with you on Edwards. On the right the choices of Rudy -did I mention 9/11- Guiliani and Mitt the Mormon and Huckabee the frickin nutcase is mildly nauseating. McCain, who I once respected, boggles me these days. Thompson is no Reagan. Ron Paul, however, I find wildly refreshing.

the108 said...

who the hell is Alan Keyes?

Anthony said...

gal: You and me would like to see some of the romance of the 60s political environment return, but it's way too much of a money gig now to ever have a shot at returning to that.
Besides, I lived through the late 60s and it wasn't any bed of roses, romance aside.

Isn't it sad that one has to have "star power" and money to have a chance to be elected president?
Do you think we'll ever elect a fat guy or one who isn't at least moderately attractive?

One thing that the 60s did was bring TV into politics, and that wasn't an altogether good thing.

Sparky Duck said...

Matt-I need to be sure to bring some knowledge, no matter how small, to the masses.

Gal-I am hearing more and more about Obama being RFK, though I am amazed that its Hillary vs Barack still, even though Edwards came in #2

Bee-Its going to come down to SC, you will be on the front lines

108-Dont worry, lotsa people outside of Maryland ask that question

Anthony-Richardson is hurt by your fat guy comment

Anthony said...

Well, Gov. Richardson got 2.1%, so the Iowans hurt him more than I, but at least it wasn't as bad as Kucinich. I like Bill, and I think he brings something to the table, but it ain't gonna happen for him.

Biden's 0.9% probably means you won't have a shot at him by the time it gets to PA.