Saturday, November 24, 2007

On Campus Last Few Weeks

I do not know of anyone, anywhere that could have said way back in late August that this game between Kansas and Missouri would be as big as it is. Not a single soul could have foreseen the fact that the winner of tonights game from Arrowhead Stadium, could probably be the number 1 team in the nation and also be one win a way from a shot at a National Championship. That would be like predicting that Cavemen would have been a hit sitcom and then being actually right.

So how did we get here over the last few weekends. Well simple, the Ducks lost to the dreaded ACL and then lost to Arizona and the Big Game was last weekend as well. Michigan vs Ohio State. Michigan has turned into a great defense, but injuries made there offense pretty useless. Ohio State has a stellar defense and a solid running game with the legs of Beany Wells. But there QB throws passes like a girl. So, it should have been no suprise that the Buckeyes pulled out a horribly boring 17-7 win. Snoozer!

One good thing from last week was the loss by Oklahoma. My hatred for Bob Stoops knows no boundaries, so to get the chance to watch his team become befuddled and bewildered by a spread run and gun offense was magnificent. By the time the coach was making adjustments, the Sooners were down 28 points and had to fling the ball all over the field to even make the game close, not exactly an Oklahoma strongpoint. Yes, the Sooners lost.

I am going to have to plead ignorance on the LSU/Arkansas game yesterday. I was in work all day and the Bayou Bengals vs Razorbacks is not exactly a high topic of conversation in my office. Go ask Wordnerd, maybe she knows something.

By the way, the BCS will officially be an utter complete mess if Kansas loses tonight. A Jayhawk loss will mean the only undefeated team left will be the litte respected Warriors of Hawaii. Let the chaos begin.


Matt-Man said...

Swim team looks good, but the Cheerleaders look like a gang of vegetarians. Cheers Sparky!!

Anthony said...

Another #2 bites the dust. Maybe LSU should just play an intra-squad game?

kailani said...

Chaos or not, it was a great game! Go Warriors!