Thursday, October 04, 2007

Less is apparently More

On Wednesday, your President and mine (unless you are Canadian) said he would veto the new funding for the S-Chip program. His logic was interesting, since the program would have grown to help more people. Quoting the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Bush reasoned...

"President Bush contends that expanding the program's eligibility limits would encourage middle-class families to drop their private insurance and cover their children under the taxpayer-supported plan. The White House has also said that the measure "goes too far toward federalizing health care."

In a memo, the White House said that the bill passed by Congress would enable SCHIP to cover children in some households with incomes up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level, or $83,000 per year.?

The White House also said the president supports a more modest 20 percent increase in the program of $5 billion over five years."

Again, that logic is interesting, since this is actually an program that the administration introduced in the first place, so it would be one of there babies. The President is saying now that it would help too many people. Huh?

That is kind of like me saying "I made this excellent apple pie, everyone raved about it and there were no leftovers. So, to make it even better, I will make a smaller pie instead."

Someone needs to tell our humble leader that just because he is supposed to be the MBA President, not everything works off of supply and demand.


FRIGGA said...

That bill is just a breath away from socialized health care - which has gone horribly wrong all around the world, why do we want to bring it here?
Also, it's to be funded by a tax on cigarettes. Well, 1/3 of smokers are poor according to the government. So why should the poor being paying for health care for he middle class?
I think government shouldn't pay for health care at all - a person should be responsible for their own health. I work to pay for my health care and I don't think smokers who make less than I do should have to start paying for it.

Well now that I've given you my 2 cents - which you had to know that coming ;-0 - Have a Happy Thursday! :-)

Anthony said...

It sounds to me like the Health Insurance lobby has earned their paychecks this week.
He's clearly in their pockets with this one.

They probably didn't waste a nickel with Congress because they knew Dubya wouldn't sign it.

Besides, how are taxpayers going to fund healthcare when they're busy funding deathcare in the Middle East?

julia said...

The problem with socialized healthcare (like we have here in Canada) is that it never has enough money to go around. Canadian health reforms are always citing American private health care, which can be well operated but is always at the expense of the most vulnerable citizens (the poor, of which the US supposedly has none.) So private American health reforms cite Canadian health care, which includes long waiting times for care in some cities (for things like MRIs, cancer treatment, surgery, etc.) which is at the expense of the vulnerable ill citizens. Basically, it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Desert Songbird said...

An MBA? Big whoopie poop. I've got one of those; does that mean I can run this country, too?

MBAs don't mean squat. Hell, if I can earn one, it's not that impressive.

Nancy said...

My health insurance went up 30% this year. We have 2 singles and one family (mine) on the plan. We cannot pay this. I cannot afford 1200/month for health insuarance. Can you? BTW, since I own my business I cannot contribute to (payroll deduction) to my plan. I get taxed on it at the end of the year. The feds count it as income. Nice, huh? So, my family is dropping its health insurance. I am so glad I own a business and cannot afford my own health care. We are keeping it for the 2 employees that are on it for as long as we can. But, business is hard right now. For all the business owners I know.

I work my ass off and it should not be so difficult to have decent healthcare at a decent price. If someone has an extra $14,400 to pay for my health insurance let me know. Yep, one year of health insurance is 14 THOUSAND dollars.

What is right about that?

Starrlight said...

The idiot needs to do the research and he will find that in 4 person households making 64k or whatever the cut off was, there are TONS of families that can not afford dependent coverage. Trust me. I know. I spend all day creating contracts for group health insurance and I'd say roughly 95% of the groups I see do not contribute to ANY of the dependent premium. Add to that most of them only cover 50% of the employee premiums.

Since full family coverage can easily run 1k per month...with the employee covering say 600 of that, you have a recipe for many uninsured spouses and kids.

But then again, props to Dubya for being able to process any thoughts at all, idiotic or otherwise. The lack of oxygen brought on by the "unusual" placement of his head must make that a challenge.

As for long wait time with socialized medicine, LOL...I worked for Kaiser here in Oregon.Want to talk about the waitlists for post hospital appointmentss and well baby checks?

And smokers having to pay for middle class...tough. The middle class will end up having to pay for their inevitable uninsured lung cancer. Screw em. And I WAS a smoker. I just wish they'd tax the booze more as well.

J. Lynne said...

As someone at a local protest against the veto yesterday put it, for the same cost as funding of just 1 week in Iraq, we could fund health care for 800,000 children in America for a year.

I think it's absolutely absurd that President Bush is asking for $200 billion to fund the Iraq War, while turning his back on funding anything to help the citizens of the country he is supposed to be taking care of. His priorities are definitely in the wrong place.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

"Bush reasoned"

{snarfing yogurt out my nose}

Now that is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Thanks Sparky.