Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Hottness #3

As we continue our little sojourn around the goth world of hotness, I am going way way off the reservation with my choice today. It is inspired by an email that Starrlight sent me last week with a link to a bunch of models that I find hot. Of course I would find them hot, they are models, but they were all hot in a gothic sort emo way.

Now I said inspired, not taken directly from the site, which can be found by asking Starrlight, since I have seemed to have lost the link. If you pay some attention to my rantings and ravings in the last oh, 18 months, this selection might be a tad familiar.

Serena Star is a model from Philadelphia. She was Miss Irish Pub or something like that this past St Patricks Day, and she is a Preston & Steve girl, a popular radio station here in Philadelphia. Actually a radio station I listen too.

But, to me, she is also the person I picture when I am reading my Rachael Morgan novels, by Kim Harrison. I love these books, about a witch, a bisexual vampire and a wise cracking fairy who team up to banish demons. serena3I am one of those readers that needs to picture my heroes and while I have always had Ivy, the vampire down cold with the image of Lexa Doig, I never had Miss Morgan pegged, until Serena Starr came along.

Though, after looking at this final picture, I think I might have a new idea for Ivy in mind, if I knew who the brunette was.


Be sure to check out Serena Star's website, she has alot of great shots and links to other ones that have that pesky copyright on them. And now I hand off the reigns to my other Starr.

Well since Sparky asked so nice and was suitably happy with the visuals, I'll post the link to the Goth Model site which is called Nocturnal Models. Just a note, these girls are goth/fetish models. You might want to peek before the kiddies get a look. Yea, watch some of those pictures, especially the piercings. Well unless you have that fetish. That said I have only one thing to say for my choice today.

He's Batman.

Better known to you and I as Christian Bale. Ah Christian, how I do lust thee. Let's count the ways shall we?

Batman is the ultimate Goth Superhero..bat's, dark cave, tragic background and an all black wardrobe. Check check and pass the absinthe. Christian plays him with such perfect low key restraint and a tragic air. Which is in total contrast to the over the top blackly funny psychopath he played in American Psycho. Plus he totally starved himself down to play the character in The Machinist. It may not have been hot, but starving for your art is oh so very Goth.

You know it must be hard to be covered in blood and still look hot. As he said in American Psycho, "dont just stare at it, eat it"


julia said...

I know someone who thinks Christian Bale is like waking up to Christmas morning all year long! Her name is Kelly Boyce and you'll find quite a few posts showcasing his Christian Bale-ness.

Christie O. said...

Love him.

Starrlight said...

Glad y'all approve!

MissMargo said...

Oh I likes me some Bale. Oh he's just fantastic orgasmic off the charts smokin' hot.

Matt-Man said...

I do so like a hot looking red head. Cheers!!

Lisa Andel said...

The pictures of the women are awesome.

The pictures of the guy ... not so much. But the guy makes up for it. :D

Bond said...

ALways been a fan of redheads...Yes I have....

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Pretty, pretty boy.

Nap Warden said...

Yeah, Christian hottie!

The Gal Herself said...

Nuh-uh. Not this gal. Like Mark Harmon after that Bundy made-for-TV movie, I simply cannot bear Bale after American Psycho. He was too believable in that role. SHUDDER! Though since tomorrow is Halloween, I can take being just a little scared today. But please, no photos of Pennywise from IT. I'm simply not tough enough for that … EVER.

Anonymous said...

The brunettes name is Kassandra Leigh.