Sunday, September 02, 2007

On Campus-Sept 1

To Me, College Football season really does not start until next weekend. Labor Day weekend is usually the last blast of summer, which means beach, BBQ, picnics and still baseball. So yes, I will pay attention to games if they are on, but I am not about to change my plans to watch some of these games. More times then not, the NCAA Division 1 powers usually just look at this first game as something like a exhibition game, except it counts. Lets look at some of the scores from the past weekend.

Louisville 73 Murray State 0

Hawaii 63 Northern Colorado 6

Appalachian State 34 Michigan 32

Penn State 51 Florida International 0

Wait? Did that say Michigan 32, Appalachian State 34??!! Why yes, yes it did.
In one of the biggest upsets that I can remember the Appalachian State Mountaineers of Boone, NC and Division 1-AA (they call it something else now but it will always be 1-AA to me) defeated the Michigan Wolverines, in The Big House. It is the first time in history that a 1-AA team defeated a nationally ranked 1-A team. Yes, somehow, Michigan was the #5 ranked team in the country and allowed the Mountaineers to come into there stadium, get an 11 point lead at half time, then block a field goal, kick a field goal of there own with 26 seconds remaining and then block another field goal to send the state of North Carolina and probably all fans and alumni of division 1-AA schools into shock and euphoria.

That will end all talk of Michigan getting anywhere near sniffing a National Championship in the first week. This is going to be terrific fodder for the Fire Lloyd Carr websites that have to be popping up all over Michigan now, because you just do not allow that to happen in your home stadium in front of 100,000 people. Though I am sure there are plenty of football players in Boone, NC right now that are still getting lucky with coeds, 24 hours later.
For a little perspective that is like Ron Paul or Dennis Kuchinich winning the White House, or a local church choir winning a Grammy for best song. Yes, they are talented and can sing, not usually on that level.

On the Sparky Duck rooting front, Oregon used a QB option run and a blocked punt to finally put the University of Houston away 48 to 27. This is going to be a semi down year for the Ducks, at least in my opinion, the defense is very young. I will be happy with a win over Oregon State and a bowl game by the end of the season. Also, Delaware defeated William and Mary, thats one of the Alma-Mater.

Finally, Virginia Tech had there first major sporting event since the shooting there last spring. Yes, they have had Baseball, Softball and Soccer games since the tragedy, but in Blacksburg, football is king. Its the thing that binds the community together and while the Hokies struggled to get a win over East Carolina, 17-7, it was a good sign to see the community back and celebrating something, anything.

Oh yea, and Clay Buchholtz decided to go out and throw a no hitter for the Red Sox last night in just his second career start. Gonna be hard to top that.


Anthony said...

And the Volunteers coughed up one to California. If there are "Fire Phil Fulmer" websites, they're smoking right now. The Pac-10 is supposed to suck, right?

Sparky Duck said...

anthony-east coast bias says so :)

kailani said...

Even though we were favored to win by 50 points, anything can happen. Just ask Michigan.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I would like to point out that there were two other significant upsets yesterday that BOTH touched my family's interests...

Georgia Tech 33, Notre Dame 3.

In South Bend, Tech was a 2.5/3 pt underdog. The game was not as close as the score would indicate as Tech settled for a few field goals in there. I imagine this is adequate revenge for the poorly officiated loss they suffered to ND at home last year.

UCF 25, NC State 23.

Granted, UCF was scoreless in the 2nd half, but it was 25-3 at the half. UCF's first play from scrimmage of the the year was an 80 yard running play by tailback sensation Kevin Smith (no, not the NJ film writer/producer/actor/comic shop owner.

So we have 2 weeks to prepare for our next upset when we host Texas in our home stadium debut (previously all games were played at the Citrus Bowl, about 20 miles from the campus).

Lisa Andel said...

I actually enjoyed the Appalachian State upset. And yeah, I'd prefer watching a good game than one where the team I'm rooting for just slaughters their opponent.

I also like college ball over pro. Love the innovations you see used in college football.

Christine d'Abo said...

I'm more of an NFL girl, but that's mostly because I don't know the colleges in the US. It sounds like some awesome football though!

Desert Songbird said...

In spite of the fact that my Irish were humiliated on national television, I am OVER THE MOON at the defeat of those rodent Wolverines.


Wylie Kinson said...

You lost me at football...
BUT - we just got a new HD-LCD television and I watched a few minutes of a CFL game and WOW! The colors!! Almost made a football fan out of me.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Glad you like the CFL as that and Arena football are about the only venues left for Michael Vick to get a job.

Hyperion said...

First of all (just to get it out of the way), in no way was Ga Tech's victory an upset. I don't care what the oddsmakers said; they usually have not a clue the first three weeks anyway. Anyone who paid the least bit attention to Notre Dame knew they were in trouble. Those of us who still think the University acted shamefully in firing Ty Willingham cannot help but smile.

Secondly, while Michigan may have well be overrated (ranking teams this early is lame in the extreme), I'm not sure how "big" an upset this really was. I watched 5 App State games over the last two years, and I watched Saturday. Brother, they are for realz. Yes, the talent level at the division formerly known as 1-AA (who are they, Prince?) is not in the same ball park, but that does not mean these smaller teams can't play.

What I would like to see--in both Football and basketball--is requiring the home and home to go both ways. What big football schools do now is schedule the home and homes with smaller schools and then "pay off" the smaller school to get out of going there. Why? They don't want to risk the loss. (A plan which, Michigan notwithstanding, usually works.)

This is deplorable. It is not uncommon for teams to have 7 games at home IN AN 11 GAME SCHEDULE!

If I had my way we would do away with conferences entirely. Seeing as that cannot happen, I would make a rule saying that--not counting league championships--A team may not have more than half their games at home in a two year stretch. So if you play 6 at home one year, you need to play 6 on the road the next. If you play 12, you do 6-6. Enough of this big schools hiding behind the massive advantage of the home crowd.