Thursday, August 09, 2007

Its Mormontastic

Back to basics, which means I delve into the fun world of religion and politics. Possibly two of the worst things to talk about, but when did I ever shy away from anything on this blog. Ok, there is talking about the Ex, but thats for the whole libel thing.

Anyways, watching Nightline last night, to wonder across the story about the Mormon Pageant in upstate New York. I have included the video from yesterdays story just so you see I am not making stuff like this up.

Apprently, from what I can tell from the story, groups of actors who are of the Mormon faith travel from all over the country to perform a pageant that tells the story of there scriptures. Seems like a nice little thing, possibly a tad overdone, but not a bad little thing if you want to enterntain and educate some of your followers about your scriptures, very nice.

But, its not just enterntainment and its not just a lovely quaint story about how they believe there religion was formed. Apparently it is true history. John Stars played the bad guy in the play, King Noah.

"We really believe this happened," said Stars, "that these are true things that took place, that prophets actually talked to God, that we have a prophet on the earth today. It's not just a neat story. These things really happened."

Okkkkk, and now here is where the red flags and lights go off in my head. So, everyone dressed sort of like aliens and then there were warring factions after Jesus was resurrected and then a 14 year old boy was the next coming of Jesus. Yep, sounds really buried in logic and correct theory. But, what do I know, I am just graduated with a history degree.

But, religion is not buried in historical facts all the time, its also based in faith and I appreciate someones faith as much as the next guy, as long as they don't call me a heathen for not believing it. Though I do have to say it looks a bit like some sort of Olympic Opening Ceremony, but again, I am jaded.

So, how does this tie to politics. Well, the Republican front runner is Mitt Romney, who happens to be a mormon. And he is getting a little testy about people asking about his religion, since he feels it has nothing to do with politics. Well, except if you are running for office, everyone looks at your faith. You have to be a faith based person to win. I will not win when if I ran for office. I am not faith based, or at least a faith that anyone would want in a candidate.

Which is fine, I am not a candidate, I don't come from a rich family. But, Mitt, is in the public eye. His religion gets swung into the publick eye with him. So the secret rules and ceremonies of there religion will be looked on with a scrunitizing eye. And, when you have a huge pageant that looks just a tad wacky, it will be looked at as a tad off as well. So Mitt better brace himself for more, not less.


Starrlight said...

Secret names, and bedsheets, and Garmies Oh My!

Sorry. I have issues with that particular "religion."

But you knew that! I took your advice and caught the intro on that. Lordy lord. Of perhaps I should say Joey Joe!

Anthony said...

Precisely why I'm a little (a lot) nervous about this upcoming election.
Americans are suckers for a lot of things, not the least of which is the perception of "goodness" disguised as "Godliness".
As we know, the two do not necessarily go together.

It's the same reason that a bachelor will probably never be elected President.
Perception becomes more important than the truth when it comes to politics.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

mitt is the frontrunner? omg. i think i may head for the border...

smiles, bee

Sparky Duck said...

Starr-I knew this was right up your alley. Unfortunately for you.

Anthony-Do you think a widower will ever be elected President?

Bee-Rudy is the front runner, but Mitt is the man ahead in Iowa and also the man that will be there to pick up the pieces when Rudy fails, as all frontrunners do.

I personally am disappointed I have not insulted any Mormons yet.

Desert Songbird said...

Okay, I can't stand it. I just HAVE to say something here.

Mormons?! Are you Republican voters freaking OUT OF YOUR MINDS?! For God's sakes, do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES choose THIS man to represent your party!!!!

First of all, his name is Mitt? WTH? And secondly, A FREAKIN' MORMON?!?!?

Sorry; I live among Mormons, and there are many, many nice ones. I love that they put family first. But their "religious" beliefs are suspect, and they have been likened to a cult. When JFK was on the ballot in the early 1960s, everyone was scared that he was the puppet for the Papacy; that the Pope would run this country through him. Aren't any of these same voters fearful of what Mitt Romney would bring to the table?

Brrrr...I shudder to think about it...

Rant off.

Peg said...

Oh Sparky, a man after my own heart.

I was a resident of MA when ol' Mitt-ski was our Governor (I moved away during his term). I didn't vote for him, for various reasons, but I've got REAL issues with him...recall my Not on Your Life entry to the writing competition? inlaws are currently visiting us and are Mormons. I've been biting my coffee-drinking, wine-swilling, tongue. 'Specially after my MIL told me that her church teaches her to not say anything bad about the person who is sitting in that chair in the oval office, regardless of personal feelings on his adequacy or fitness for the job.

He's got an agenda. And we're watching his ads right now, where he evokes Peggy Noonan's rant about the cesspool of sex and violence that our children are swimming in, while leaving the casual viewer with the impression he's talking about the environment instead of MORALS.

Oh, my, I could carry on, but I shan't hijack. Suffice it say--I agree 110%

Anthony said...

Sparky: It would depend on the circumstances. I think, at this point, John Edwards could still be elected if Elizabeth passes prior to the election.

"Pity is very underrated."
- George Costanza

Bond said...

If you are running for office, you life is an open book...and if you bitch about it then you do not have the sensibilities and demeanor to sit in that chair...

Sparky Duck said...

Peg-'"Specially after my MIL told me that her church teaches her to not say anything bad about the person who is sitting in that chair in the oval office, regardless of personal feelings on his adequacy or fitness for the job" Well that statement scared the bejeezuz out of me. Its not like a President would be on the same level as a Pope.

Songbird-you and I are just as scared. And I don't even live among Mormons.

Anthony-I was thinking more along the lines of the movie American President, then Edwards specifically, just because I shudder to think of that circumstance.

Bond-eloquently said as usual.

Matt-Man said...

Mitt is going to be raked over the coals as the campaign heats up. Not really fair but he knew that going in. Cheers!!

Sparky Duck said...

Matt Man-Its never good for him if he is already getting touchy about his religion being part of the campaign is it?

the108 said...

What??? A Republican who doesn't think that religion and politics should intermingle??

Carey said...

Well I seem to be the first Mormon to commen on this post.

Sparky - you are right, Mitt needs to face the fact that religion is a) a part of who you are and thereby often defining or at least guiding ones thoughts and actions b) one more topic of discussion that we use - to hash and re=hash a candidates fittness to serve, for late night comedy, for political talk shows, and for the American public to choose a candidate, and c) just part of the politacl landscape as it stands. He will need to come to terms with this soon or it will just get more & more heated.

As for "offending" a mormon. Well you haven't offended this one, but I may just be in the minority. We as a religion have a tendency to take many things personally due to the persecution we faced not so long ago in this country. But that does not give us free reign to lash out at everyone who inquires about our religion.

Anyway this is way too long and I probably didn't even make my point. but I will go with one last thought
We put on the pageant as a way to show some of the things we believe in and why we do. I don't find it much different that Passion of the Christ or The Ten Commandments, but that's just me.

Thanks for listening, err reading and have a great weekend. Keep up the posting, I will keep coming back.

Sparky Duck said...

Carey-Thanks for the comment. Just like I would have to face up to the fact that I lean towards having money for education since I come from a family fully of educators and the fact that religion does not help me make a decision, is the same facts that Mitt will have to face up to. so you are right, it will just get worse.

I think I am like 108, the only thing that religion should factor into politically is which service the press has to follow a President to over the weekend.

As for the pageants and religious movies, I think they are all silly. Wait, I take that back, the ones in a elementary school have that cuteness factor. But I am proud to say I never have seen the 10 commandments movie and wanted to walk out of The Passion of the Christ but I was with a group of people. But, I am such a lapsed catholic that I don't even list it as a religion when get asked on surveys.

Thanks again

FRIGGA said...

I think it's horible that the Republicans don't have more brains on this one. Of course a persons spirituality has to do with how well they'd do as the most powerful person in the world! ...Just the opinion of a Conservative who's angry with the Republican party. :-/

Annie said...

It isn't nice to call someone else's religion a hobby, but for me, it sort of is. I don't know if you remember, Sparks, that I was facinated by the LDS church (though never, ever enough to actually join). I've got a whole bookcase filled with Mormon titles, some by Mormons, some by antiMormon Evangelicals, and a copy of The Book Of Mormon found at a library sale, complete with missionary markings.

The pageant at Hill Cummorah is a head scratcher,I know, and I'm suprised they allowed a national news program to tape it (and bummed I missed it!). There's a lot of secrecy in the LDS church (though they call it "sacred, not secret"). And for more years than you and I have been alive, there has been a political agenda. Their ultimate goal is a Mormon President.

The founder, Joseph Smith, from what I've read, ran for President with the idea of making America a religous kingdom of sorts, run by Mormons. He had an agenda, and personally, I don't believe he saw anything on that hill in New York except an opportunity to swindle people.

Dig deeper, hit the library, search Google. There is so much to learn about this faith. Some good, some bad, some downright kooky, but it'll really make you think.