Monday, July 02, 2007

Is there no way that you are sickened by now??

Ok, I am going to have to use this as my Manic Monday, which was Independence, though I will not count it in Morgen's count, nor will I do my original thought, which was Independence Hall in downtown Philadelphia.

Instead, I will use my Independence of free speech and say that I may have skipped over the edge of rationality and consciousness when it comes to this president and the rest of his hapless corrupt cronies in his administration.

This President is now in a gross excess of power, commuting sentences because they are now excessive and will be hard on the felon. Yes, it is in his right as the commander in chief. And before you start screaming my republic readers, yes my man Clinton pardoned a whole ton of people before he left office. But, he pardoned them, he allowed the appeals process to take place, he had them serve time in prison, even if it was only two months.

Instead, this puke of a president decided to completely circumvent the process that we call the Judicial System! Oh no, Scooter does not have to try and do his appeal, oh no, Scooter does not have to spend time in prison while working his appeal out. Oh no, he does not need to suffer for LYING UNDER OATH.

We live in a country that has mandatory sentences for drug convictions. A country that has a 3 strikes and your out law which says your third felony conviction will lead to life, no matter what you went down for in felony one and two. None of this is excessive?? None of this is something that should be examined and considered on a case by case basis so a drug lord and a student who loves his weed do not face the same penaltys?? The death penalty, exportation, my cell that will be awaiting me in Gitmo when the FBI finds me? None of this is excessive?

No, let us just make sure that someone from my clan of cronies, someone who probably knows where many of "the bodies" are buried does not spend time in jail, because he may get a bit claustrophobic like Paris and spill some secrets? Again, puke of a president.

And of course, we as a country are also to blame. The cable news networks spent hours and hours and hours talking about whether Paris should be in jail, whether she should have gotten off with time served when she was melting down and then the interviews after her jail time. And people watched, soaked it all up, read the magazines and the blogs and everything else. Will anyone watch this?? Sadly, I think no.


Pam said...

When you're the KING, you don't give a fuckity fuck fuck what "we the peons" think. He doesn't even bother to pretend any more.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

May I bring to everyone's attention, the story of Mr. Samuel Berger. Read the link below, you'll find out all about the guy who stole documents from the national archives in order to protect Bill Clinton from blame in his inaction which could have helped prevent the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, which could have saved over 3000 American lives, AND could have negated the need for President Bush to go into Iraq seeking WMDs (now likely in Jordan or Syria) and to seek and destroy Al Queda training resources (plus removing a genocidal dictator from power).

Anonymous said...

So because Clinton pardoned a criminal, it's just fine and dandy for Bush to do it?

Strange logic you have there mikey.

InterstellarLass said...

This pissed me off too. But I honestly think that Scooter was the Fall Guy. He was high enough up the chain to matter, but he wasn't so high that it really mattered to those in charge. He was to be forgiven from the beginning. But it is a perfect example of how this President thinks that he was elected King Grand Poobah and that the rules don't apply to him. I don't think I could have imagined how anyone could so grossly overstep their bounds and NOT be impeached. Nixon's transgressions were much lighter in scale and he was forced out. I believe Bush should be tried for treason, crimes against humanity, and fraud among other things.

Nicholas said...

I wonder how big the gun was that they held to Libby's head and made him break the law was.

Anna J. Evans said...

So nice to meet a fellow Bush hater, lol. Really, I loathe him. He is a puke for this and so many other reasons.

THanks for stopping by the blog yesterday!

anna j evans

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I would like to say that I do not blame Bill Clinton for every evil in the world or even in our country. In the same area, the rest of you should not blame President Bush for ever wrong and evil in the world or even in this country.

I don't know that ANY United States President is 100% above reproach. There are a lot of them who did a lot of good while in office.


George Washington was honorable enough to know AND state publicly that no one should serve more than 2 terms. He knew something about leadership and the evil of control.

Abraham Lincoln certainly lead our country through a very traumatic time, as did John Kennedy, who managed to advance civil rights and science/technology during a time we were entering into another controversial military engagement.

No one will ever serve as the President of our country because they are a servant of the people above all else. To get there they have to advance through a system that requires money, and whether it is their own (like Ross Perot or Bloomberg in NY) or from donors/sponsors like political parties, companies or special interest groups, they will find themselves in the pocket of soemone with an agenda they expect patback for.

I believe both Bill Clinton and George W Bush made poor choices while in office. I believe when it comes to personal character, Bush is the superior individual which is probably why it upsets me to hear people refer to him in such negative ways, especially considering so many of the Bush-haters are Clinton-lovers.

Anyone heard of Neal Boortz? (Libertarian) he could be a fun alternative but he won't run!

Matt-Man said...

Neal Boortz is an ass clown, as is Dubya. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

"I believe when it comes to personal character, Bush is the superior individual"

Oh man that is SO funny! I can't stop laughing.

Your kidding, right?

Matt-Man said...

Hey Michael, get off of the heorin and do some community service.

wordnerd said...

Oh, come on can't be serious. This is NOT the first pardon or commutation that ever happened. It just happened to be done by someone, and for someone, you guys aren't crazy about. If one from your side had gotten 30 months prison time for that, you'd be up in arms and Michael Moore would be making a "documentary".

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I appreciate that the responses I have received to making arguments in this discussion are inclusive to calling me a drug user and using profanity to name-call other individuals.

Starrlight said...

Bush is an egomaniacal asshat who would not know his own crack hole from one in the ground unless Dick Cheney showed it to him.