Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogathon 46.48 One Last Poopy Interview

Christine O of the Misadventures of Captain Poopy is my final interview. She is really really cool, lives in the best part of Florida in my opinion, can actually talk sports and had a job that I might have liked to have. Plus, she misses beer!

1.Thank you for letting me ask you some questions, you are always so
mysterious. But seriously, Florida?? Isn't that just Disney World and

MYSTERIOUS?! HAHAHA! I spill everything from my pregnancy sweat problem to
my personal identity crises so I don't know if I'd call me mysterious, but
it sounds kinda sexy so I'll go with it. Yeah, I have to admit, Florida is
pretty cool. But it has its downsides, like crazy afternoon lightning storms
in the summer, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the HEAT! I can't even go outside
right now unless there is a pool or ocean involved! But the Disney thing and
the beaches, those are pretty convenient.

2.You win a radio contest, front row tickets and backstage passes to your
favorite band. You get the tickets and turn them over. Who is doing the show
and why?

Oh you know who I'm going to say on this one! Candlebox of course! I know,
lame, one-good-album-wonders, but I can't explain it. I love them. Big time.

3.You know I am trying to raise money for a Childrens Hospital and I know
that Capt Poopy spent some time in the NICU. Tell me just a little about
that experience?

Oh, the teary, misty-eyed question. In short, It was the most difficult
thing I've ever had to go through in my life. I had been having
complications with preeclampsia and my water broke suddenly one night, six
weeks early, and we delivered. I didn't get to hold him right afterward
because he was having trouble breathing. He was purple. He was whisked away
after I was allowed to get a quick glimpse of him amidst all his tubes.
Having a baby that you can't hold, or nurse, or take care of first-hand, and
having to ask permission just to see him and only see during certain hours
was devastating for me. Not to mention the frantic worry. Time goes by but
everything is still so fresh in my mind. The doctors and nurses were
wonderful, but they're not mom and dad. It was hard. You're doing a
wonderful thing by helping these families.

4.You are pregnant once again, and congrats by the way. Is there anything
you have had to give up that you miss food wise? Is there anything that you
are shocked you are craving?

Wheat beer with an orange slice!!! My husband has the gall to completely
outwardly enjoy them in front of me and taunt me. Haha! As far as cravings
go, I am dying for an egg, sunny-side up that I can dip my everything bagel
into! Being pregnant, all my eggs have to be cooked all the way through. I'm
shocked that I want this because I hate sunny-side up eggs usually! I am a
scrambled, omlet girl!

5.You were once a reporter, is there anything about that job that you miss?
I miss the rush and the buzz of the newsroom, the deadlines and the writing.
The scramble of everyone when you find out about breaking news and the blood
gets pumping. I love that whole side of news. Most people in the industry
are junkies for it, like I was or am. What I don't miss is the "content" of
the news. I was able to turn off my emotions when we were in the middle of
it all, but it would all eventually pile up. Now I just try to catch
headlines. It's peaceful.

6.How can I turn my "amazing writing skills" ok, im pushing, but how can I
or one of my readers turn those writing skills into something that may make
us some money.

I'm trying to figure that out myself! The way I see it, there are a million
companies out there, and someone's writing their press releases, brochures,
and web copy and proofrreading it all. I'd start trying to dig out there to
see what's available.

7.You are stuck in a snowstorm (go with me here) and you are stuck with a
broken TV. It only gets one station. What station do you hope that it gets?

TBS for sure! Hopefully this snowstorm is on a Saturday while they're having
a Father-of-the-Bride marathon.

8.Have you ever seen Les Miserables? If not, why not its a freaking classic?

I have, actually, many many moons ago, when I lived in New York City. We
liked to call it "Less Mis-er-ah-blahhs", not for any other reason except
that it sounded funny.

9.Since my theme for this blogathon is Philadelphia, I figure I have to ask
a few Philadelphia questions. Have you ever visited the city of brotherly
If you have what did you like, if not, what do you want to see?
I have been there once! I saw the cracked bell and had some a that yummy
cheesesteak. It was a short visit about 6 six years ago.

10.A cheesesteak, whiz or regular sliced cheese?

I've only had whiz and it was sooooo good! But I'm not against trying it
with sliced cheese.

11.I know you are a sports fan, whose your team and why? Or do you just
watch to keep the hubby happy?

The New York Mets! I lived in New York mostly until I was about 10 and my
family moved. But I used to watch Mets games on television and at Shea
Stadium with my Grandpa, who was the person who fueled my love for baseball.
Obsession, really. I love all sports, though, and I'll watch the Bucs play
all season long with the hubby. Without my wheat beer and orange slice.

Do you think Gruden was a one hit wonder, or will he bring the Bucs back to
what they were? And whats with all the QBs?

On Jon Gruden, my husband would say he got too big for his britches and
wanted to bring in all of his own people to coach and he flopped. He (and I
guess that means 'we') think he's getting fired at some point, either after
this season, or during, depending on what happens. That's been the buzz down
here for a while. What I can tell you, from covering Bucs events, is that
Jon Gruden is so much cuter in person than he is on TV, and he's pretty cute
on TV. The QB situation has bugged me for years; I have always been annoyed
that there wasn't one go-to lifesaver person. I guess Chris Simms got pretty
close, but he can get sloppy. Same thing with him though: totally hot in
person. FYI.


Michael said...

A person always has to have a soft spot for someone named "Captain Poopy!"

Anthony said...

Well Poopy, you'll be happy to know that the bell has been repaired, so on you next visit it will no longer have that unsightly crack.
Frankly, I think it was a disgrace to put it on display, but what are ya gonna do?

Anonymous said...

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Bond said...

wiz only wiz .. when we made them at the concession, we began with slices and then I realized i had the melted cheese for the cheese fries and it had a slight halepeno flavoring....