Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blgthn 34.48 Fly Eagles Fly

Let me start off by saying right off the bat, I really can't stand that stupid song. Fight Songs are meant to be played by marching bands, with coeds running around and the wishbone offense being run. Not sung by a bunch of drunk dopes in the upper deck.

Ok, rant over, I am an Eagles fan, I swear, its just very very hard to get excited about going to a game at The Linc. And for goddess sake, the Vet was 10 to 20 times worse.

But, training camp opened this weekend, and the idea of hope springing eteneral for the Eagles to make a run back to the Super Bowl again.

I will be perfectly happy with a run into the playoffs, once you get into the playoffs you never know from there. One of the big controversies around here this year is whether Kevin Kolb is the heir apparent to Donovan. The way Donovan's knee has been acting the last few years, I would think AJ Feeley will be the heir apparent way before Kolb is ready, because I would bet you dollars to donuts that McNabb will not make it through the whole year.

But, I am not a McNabb guy. I think he takes away possesions from Westbrook, who has become easily the best player on that offense.

When it comes to defense, they are still lead by Brian Dawkins, but Dawkins can't cover everybody anymore. He still hits you like a brick bleep house, but the rest of the secondary is suspect when it comes to coverage.

So, at the end of this ramble, how do I think the Eagles will do? Wildcard, 11-6 and have a decent shot at getting to the bowl again. Once you get to the show, you never know.


Michael said...

If Donovan doesn't play or gets traded, the Eagles are done.

And as for the Eagles theme song.. maybe they could continually use the Rocky theme...
"Flying hiiiiiiiigh now! Running strong now!".. as though the whole team is with Sly in little Italy.

Anthony said...

Dawkins is getting it done on reputation and by being smarter than the average player, but his physical talent is fading. We'll see how he does this year.

I'm not a big 5 guy, either. He's a little too goofy to be my QB. He has an odd way about him that isn't really inspiring or physically intimidating. He might wear that knee brace all year, he said. That should be interesting.

As for the season, they should win their first 3 games, setting them up for another run to the playoffs. They don't have Garcia to be the back-up, so if 5 goes down again, I don't expect another miracle. They still need to be able to stop the run, and I've never been crazy about their receivers.
10-6 in a weak division.

Dragon said...

They ran out of condoms during Senior's week? LOL!

If you guys can make it through those wedding and pre-wedding ordeals, you can make it through everything.