Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Really? Super Tuesday? Already??

Ohhh, no it seems we all did not totally sleep through most of the summer and fall, its just a catchy little slogan being offered up by MSNBC to go ball to walls political today.

I started watching MSNBC today around 1 pm or so. I had already blown through most of the things I had saved on TiVo, and the local news was over. It was to blasted hot and humid to go outside and hit golf balls, or even walk for that matter, so I figured I would see what this Super Tuesday was all about.

What its all about is really absolutely nothing. The dregs of both political parties that are running for President still think they have some hope of a chance of winning the nomination, so there is plenty of talking heads to fill the time between talking about what Hillary did today.

One thing you do realize though is how low on the totem pole some of these campaigns really are. They promised to try and talk to each and every other candidate running for the highest office in the land and I saw alot of these accepted interviews. I must admit I lost a half hour to a brown out, but you can tell things are going badly for James Gilmore. He was stuck talking to Andrea Mitchell, who is an awful interviewer, especially live. As time went on, the idea that time is wavering for Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and possibly Richardson was evident, since there interviews were held before the first installment of the Tucker show, which I am sure has some ratings uptick somewhere. So, you could tell right off who the little fish were and how we might get to see glimpses of the big fish on one of the additions of Hardball. Or maybe not.

One other thing that annoys me is the attention Thompson is getting, especially since he is not a declared candidate. Apparently, he was in England today, sucking up to Margaret Thatcher, because I heard all about it at the top of every hour for 4 hours. Hey, I am not a candidate, do you think the news is reporting that I was at the Giant Foodstore, or that I was sucking up to my 7-11 buddy so he would give me a lucky scratch off ticket?? Someone let me know when the acting Thompson actually gets into the election so he will have to answer some tough questions before we start covering his every move like he was on Twitter.


Anthony said...

I'm concerned that this early election noise is going to make people weary when the time comes to actually decide something - like a YEAR from now.

I'm moderating my exposure, that is to say I'm not going out of my way to find stuff to watch.

EC said...

Talk to me the day before the election is what I say! Until then I follow exactly who I want and can live without the dribble of the people who don't even have their parties nomination yet!!

The Gal Herself said...

No one -- NOT ONE SINGLE COMMENTATOR -- has mentioned what Thompson's future run/defection from L&O will do to TV's longest-running drama. I always liked Arthur. As opposed to the father/son relationship McCoy had with Adam Schif and the way McCoy treated Nora like a sexless Mother Superior, he and Arthur had an interesting relationship. They seemed to know they equals as men, but the fact was, Arthur was The Boss. Since I truly don't believe any Republican has a chance of winning in 2008, and since L&O is an NBC show, I'd like to see someone at MSNBC do a segment on who should replace Thompson. (I hear George Allen is available these days.)