Friday, June 01, 2007

A little more testestorone around here

Ok, with all the discussion of how much I adore my wife and handbags today, I figured I needed to top off the day with some man stuff. So enjoy the sights and I will try to not scratch myself in your presence. ;)


Anthony said...

Ya can't go wrong with Natalie.

I think baseball needs cheerleaders, too. They'd be better than that furry green thing that runs around down there.

Chelle said...

We never for one moment doubted your manliness. And, yes, you need to break yourself of the cancer stick habit. Do it for your lovely wife as she would appreciate it far more than a Dooney and Bourke. Guaranteed.

Anthony said...

I just saw that Natalie withdrew from the Ginn today.


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I'm all for you quitting the cancer sticks too. We want you around for a long time, Sparky.
And, I never doubted your machismo. Even on International Vern Yip day.