Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sweating and Breathing Easy

This is my first March Madness post, another sports holiday that for about two weeks over takes the country like a brush fire. Everyone fills out brackets, even if they only pick teams based on numbers and nicknames.

A couple more teams are breathing easier today with VCU and Gonzaga winning last night. Both these teams would have gotten in, at least probably, based on record or reputation, but the committee would have had to take another team from each conference. Now, they should only take one more from the CAA (VCU's conference and that team should be Old Dominion) and no one else from the WCC, where Gonzaga won the title. It would have been hard for the committee to leave either or both VCU or Gonzaga out if they lost last night, and now its not a problem.

Now, here is how I figure this, the smaller conferences have some teams that should be in, whether they win the title or not. If these A-List teams get knocked out, they then have to take two teams all of a sudden, making one less seat at the table for someone else. Confusing enough?

Basically, if you are a fan of Purdue, Illinois, Missouri State, Old Dominion, Mississippi or Mississippi State, you are rooting for Butler tonight in the Horizon Championship. If Wright State manages to win, Butler is definetly going and one of those teams listed above will lose a seat. This is so much fun!


Anthony said...

Hop on over to WIP's site. They are having a bracket contest with cool prizes.

I already have my favorite picked out. They'll probably get a #1 seed, but I really doubt that they'll get to the finals. They were 6 to 1 when I was in Vegas in January. If they win, I'll be kicking myself for not putting a futures wager down.

The Jayhawks.