Friday, March 09, 2007


Did you hear a couple of bubbles popping, particularly in the Northeast and South Carolina areas of the country? That sound was the Tournament hopes of Clemson and UMass going down the drain.

Clemson lost to Florida State and UMass found some way to lose to St Louis University, who I did not even realize was in the Atlantic 10 until last night. Clemson started out 17 and 0 on the year and then won only 21 games total. Massachusetts went 23-10 for the year, but was in a very weak conference.

Clemson should not get in to the tournament at all, they never came up big in any of the important games that they played. UMass still has hopes, if Xavier wins the conference tournament, but the way the A-10 tournament runs usually, look for George Washington or Rhode Island to get that other bid by winning the whole enchilada.


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

ugh. basketball.
can't they like, just have one quarter? The first three are really booring anyway...

Anthony said...

I like GW to get in. Wasn't impressed with Clemson the couple of times I've seen them.

Selection Sunday should be interesting. Especially for Villanova and Drexel.
I have mixed feelings about the Wildcats. They're a good team, but often come up short in big situations. Down 26-2 in their last game at one point.