Friday, March 16, 2007

Madness Day 1

Ok, pardon me if I was a little bit distracted by the nice little ice mix for weather this morning, hence this recap took way too long to get up.

Plus, the games yesterday were overall quite dreadful. Some thoughts from the early session.

-Bob Knight really cant coach em up anymore.
-Stanford was a waste of breath. As I said before, thanks for coming and taking up space, you rich panty wastes.
-Wazzu was alot more impressive then I thought they would be. Who says Tony Bennett cant coach?
-The rest of the afternoon games were uneventful. I never even bothered to turn on the GW/Vandy game, it was about 20-0 to start.

Oh, you want to know about the night games?

-VCU/Duke easily the best game of the day. Duke needs to figure out how to work against the press. Plus, they also have to stop getting these point guards who are such jerks. Paulus makes Bobby Hurley look like an angel.
-UNC may be a tad bit overrated.
-Marquette could not shoot.
-Xavier and BYU another really exciting game. BYU did what they always do in this tournament, they blow a game late. Plus, I still have to wonder how old some of these kids on the Cougars are, there center looked older then me.

Now, as I take a little break, tell me has anyone besides me even heard of Texas A&M Corpus Christie before Sunday???


Anthony said...

Bob Knight had his time. I think his act wears on people, and if you aren't inspired by it, then it's lost on you. Stuff like that wouldn't work for me.

I'm counting on A&M to make my bracket.

UNC is definitely overrated. It will be a close call between them and Ohio State to see which 1-seed is the first one eliminated. Early.

I'm waiting to see which Tennessee team shows up. Curious about UCLA for the long haul and hoping that Villanova team gets a shot at Kansas.