Monday, February 26, 2007

Da Comments 2

Da Comments 1

Trish said...
OMHigherBeing! What a great idea!! Imagine- posting comments responses as a POST! I'm gonna try that! LOL
Seriously - lovin' it. :)
Which reminds me - gotta do a comments post. ;D

Yes, I stole this idea from Trish, check her out sometime.

Anthony said...
Unfortunately, I think we'll see Kyle in victory lane a couple of times this year, too. The little shit.
I read somewhere that it's possible that Rudd would leave the car if they either didn't win or Ricky just gets tired. If they keep running like they did last week, Ricky will probably find the energy to stick around.
Even counting the Bud Moore years, this may be the best chance he's had equipment-wise. I always thought he was a talented driver who never really hooked up with the right team for his style. In his younger days, he ran alot like Smoke ... bump 'em out of the way if they don't want to let you go!
He was my favorite when I started going to races. He ran the Piedmont Chevy then. About as reliable as the airline.

I think Ricky will have a good chance with his equipment if he just stops getting wrecked, since his luck ran out again yesterday. Two weeks though and no Jeff, Jimmie or Kyle in Victory Lane is a good thing. Piedmont Air? How long have you been watching racing???

Thursday Thirteen #23

ChupieandJ'smama said...

You know, sadly, I didn't know the whole story behind most of those. What are they teaching us in school anyway? I do know the whole Brittany Spears saga. Pretty sad statement on society isn't it? Nice TT. Sorry it'll be the last one. I always enjoyed yours.

Well, thats why I did the list, since I was pretty clueless on most of them. I thought Purdue University was named after the chicken company for the longest of times. I did know who Ringling and LaGuardia were though. And apparently the TT lives again.

crowwoman / rhian said...

I had decided to continue it as well - it's my one disciplined post a week - well sorta. The whole naming process is interesting - I have a client who is a land developer and he just started naming lakes and roads in the community after his relatives. Must be nice to have the power.

You still can have that power. Sim City 5 and Roller Coaster Tycoon, baby!

Anthony said...

That's a very cool list. I learned a few things. Never knew the source of Purdue or Austin or very much about Rittenhouse.

Do you think it was easier to be an inventor in the 1700s, when there was so much stuff left to invent?

I think it would have been easier and harder in the 1700's. So many new things to invent, but how many people do you think tried to create dynamite before someone did it successfully??

alisonwonderland said...

interesting stuff that i'd really not thought much about before. i'm going to #9(St Louis) in the summer, so i'll have to be sure to recite that information! i'll sound so smart! :o)

Bring me a good souvenir back!!

Neila said...

Wow! I love the TT's that teach me something. :-) Kudos to doing the research for that one!

It was easy, a half hour of Wikipedia! And my wandering brain to wonder about these places.

Will They or Won't They

ali said...

i'm not going to say...since i know who dies...but i think it's going to be a good episode.
i love love love friday night lights. kyle chandler totally carries that show. he's awesome!

It was funny, because in the beginning it became obvious that Kyle Chandler is a method actor, because he sure did sound like his character on Friday Night Lights. Was your spoiler right?

Nancy said...

My thoughts are Grey's: I cried thru most of the episode. Manily, because I have a Person. And, I would so call her first if and when I have to get rid of a corpse. I even emailed her this morning letting her know how much I love because of this show

I think its amazing because almost all women have a person and that person is not there husband. Probably because that is the body you will be burying Nancy :)

Neila said...

I cry at that damn show every week! I was not surprised they didn't kill her. (How's that for a double negative?) But, I was not expecting them to kill her mom. That was a surprise.
And I have been a fan of Kyle Chandler ever since he was on Homefront in the early 90's. Love him!

I actually did not cry this week. But my wife bawled enough for the both of us. No matter how goofy Meredith seems I think Mrs Duck identifies with her some.

Porn Pirate

Anthony said...

They would have really gone Google-nuts if you had found a way to mention Cecily Tynan's name in there somewhere.
She's Google Gold, baby!

Or Erin O'Hern now! Though I think I may have found a way to do just that just now.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...
I am amazed at your title-surely it will go down in the annals of great blog titles. I can't believe it-a sword!?

Please send all awards and monetary donations to my paypal account. Thank you. I will share some with you Lady Jane for part of the inspiration.

Music and Lyrics 3 Quacks

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Audiophile me would love to see Music and Lyrics; maybe I ought to line up a babysitter and surprise the Tour Manager with a night out.
Yes, me who just downloaded White Zombie, Judas Priest, and Prong to her MP3 player has an affinity for pop music. *blush*

Thanks, I knew it should have been audiophile instead of musicphile. And it is worth the effort, plus it ran under 2 hours, always aces in my book.

Slackermommy said...

I want to see Music & Lyrics just so I can see Hugh shake his butt!

You will be pleased, there is plenty of rump shaking and "crowd friendly pants"

kailani said...

I can't remember the last time we watched a movie that I wanted to see. It's usually The Cheetah Girls or High School Musical around here. *sigh*

This High School Musical seems to be the runaway hit of the century. Which I dont get actually since it was a TV movie on the Disney Channel. But, I also never really got Grease either.

And away we go with the rest of the week! Thanks for reading


Twyla said...

Wow...that made me realize that I need to comment more. LOL I was becoming a comment whore, so I tried to tone it down, and now I've gone too far in the other direction. But I still come here everyday to read. :-)
BTW, the band is 'Blue October'. Apparently they've been around for over 10 years. They have a different sound that I really like. Check out 'Hate me'. You can find it on youtube. Another really good song.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aack! I can feel people thinking I'm no longer cool because I admitted to liking pop music.

Oh, well. I never liked poseurs.

And you're welcome for audiophile. But musicphile works for me.

kailani said...

Great idea. I may have to try it!