Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Da Comments 1

and warning, this could be tipsy typing...

My Snotty Valentine

Christie said...

raspberry cream cookies and crab cakes! you're welcome at my house anytime!

I dont think Mrs Duck will allow that, now, if you want to do a double date, all bets are off.

Panic "Not" at the Disco

crowwoman / rhian said...

I know exactly the feeling you're talking about and was deluded enough to believe that once ya grew up it would all be better. Ummm - nope. I usually get that Rock-in-the-Pit-of-Stomach when I'm overwhelmed, or worried that life's about to kick my ass. It has happened on rare occassion that i'll have a flashback - maybe that's what you were experiencing?

I am hoping its a flashback, Sundays would really suck if this happened all the time.

Anthony said...

It's like that creepy feeling I get when I hear the end music on "Saturday Night Live". Can't explain it.

Yes, but it is a great song

Wordnerd Challenge
Wordnerd said...

See how easy that was? I'm so proud...brought a tear to my eye, actually. Thanks for being a good sport.

But you know, I really am all about the goat love.

who doesnt love the Goats. And if I am nothing else, I am a good sport.

Tug said...

Oh had me at the goat love, & totally LOST me at Clinton. I'm going to scrub my brain with bleach now.

Tug, lets remember my age. Clinton was the only time that I won. He has to be my hero.

liv said...

Wow. It was so convincing for a moment that I almost thought better of reading further for all of that right wing drivel!

Liv, its all about keeping your friends close and your enemies ever closer.

Jay said...
Don't be down on the goats, my man.
Love #5.

Ties are the one way a business man can express himself

Colleen Gleason said...
See...I knew there was a reason I liked you. An all boys Catholic school, huh?
Me, I went to the girls' version, complete with knee-highs, plaid skirts, vests, and senile nuns.

And I knew there was a reason I liked you, not only did i go to an all boys school, but Mrs Duck went to an all girls catholic school. She hated every minute and wants to know if your nuns were a senial as hers.

Along Comes Milton

amy said...

I dont think me or hubby ( ever told you but my brother is from Philly. Hes a international dj and loves it up there. Thanks for participating in my poll. We enjoy reading your blog

I believe I knew your Hubby was from Philly, and thanks, keep reading. We up in the city of Brotherly love may get it right someday.

id="comment-4808964073455914758">Anthony said...

Milton running for mayor may be Philadelphia's only chance to have a Republican elected mayor.
I still remember when him and his brother John were raising Hell in City Council - screaming and fighting. Whatever happened to John?
Oh yeah ... twice.
Can't blame me. I live in Jersey. Just like Milton.

Yes, but they are enternatining, I wish I knew Milton when he was in the council, it woul dhave been must see TV. And while I say I am in Philly, Im in the suburbs, but no one cares who my Mayor is.

The reason I was pulling for 01

Anthony said...
Yep, pretty much. One of those guys who is consistent, but not fortunate enough sometimes - like last Sunday. He wiggled just enough coming out of turn 4 that "Smiley" was able to nudge him.
Like the old days when they used to race to the flag on cautions. They've since changed that rule. Funny how they didn't envoke it then.
I think they were right to do it, since the crash was behind the leaders, but it stuck me as a bit inconsistent.
Nice that Rudd is driving again, though. He'll win a couple if he races the whole schedule.

The cautions drive me nuts because I cant figure them out totally. Though as I said on some one elses blog, as long as that little Chit Kyle Busch didnt win I was happy enough. Can you tell I hate all of Hendrick Motorsports??

Rudd is running Yates, he will be up at the front almost every week, it will be up to him and his crew to win.


Trish said...

OMHigherBeing! What a great idea!! Imagine- posting comments responses as a POST! I'm gonna try that! LOL

Seriously - lovin' it. :)

Which reminds me - gotta do a comments post. ;D

Anthony said...

Well, they used to complain about guys racing back to the line on cautions, now they complain that they don't, so it will never make everyone happy.
Unfortunately, I think we'll see Kyle in victory lane a couple of times this year, too. The little shit.

I read somewhere that it's possible that Rudd would leave the car if they either didn't win or Ricky just gets tired. If they keep running like they did last week, Ricky will probably find the energy to stick around.
Even counting the Bud Moore years, this may be the best chance he's had equipment-wise. I always thought he was a talented driver who never really hooked up with the right team for his style. In his younger days, he ran alot like Smoke ... bump 'em out of the way if they don't want to let you go!

He was my favorite when I started going to races. He ran the Piedmont Chevy then. About as reliable as the airline.